Your session

Both Newborn and baby sessions are held in my fully equipped natural light studio.

Newborn- Every session is unique and every baby has their own personality.

This is what I want to capture for you as parents to look back on and remember all those tiny expressions- yes the yawns and sneezes as well as every delicate detail that our newly born babies bring to us and of course we always want to include special moments between sibling and or you with your baby enjoying the tiny life you created.

For newborns, age plays a very important role in your little ones session in fact all the newborn images you see through out my website the babies are under 12 days of age. I recommended baby to be between 5 and 12 days from birth. Your probably wondering why so young? Babies change at a rapid pace and to be able to replicate baby back in their natural utero curl they need to be a new as possible. From around 14 days of age, babies start to stretch out loosing their natural curl and are often awake for longer periods of time. It can also be the age where babies have their growth spurts and need to be fed more often. 

I have prepared my clients with a session guide which I will email to you through your booking process. Please remember it is important to book your newborn session in while you are still pregnant.

Babies- Let me just start with.. Oh my goodness! How adorable and precious are the smiles and expressions that our little ones are now able to give us at this age. Let’s capture these moments because I know as a parent myself just how special first smile and the quirky personalities of our babies are especially in their first 12 months of life.